kände för det

♥ Stay as amazing as you are, Stay as beautiful as you are, Stay as strong as you are

♥ Whenever times got hard
You pulled me out the dark

♥ I'll make your puzzle complete

♥ I wanna be.. Infinite, permanent, perfect fit for you

♥ I got plans for you, and me. This is where you should be

♥ Cause what we had, was special, and enough to make me never wanna leave

♥ Is it wrong to feel like this?
Is it bad to have you here?
For you I have much respect, I don't want you to regret

♥ And i can't let it end, so boyi'm checkin' in

♥ Let me change your mind, about me now, and show you what love is about

♥ I need your L-O-V-E ♥


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